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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

~ Changes ~

NFF {Notforgotten Farm} charts & patterns are NO LONGER available through distributors!!
If you are a shop owner, and would like to ether create a new shop account OR if you are a shop owner who already carries my charts & patterns, please click on this link to read about how to begin/continue carrying our charts & patterns :)

So, why the change?
~ well let me explain please...

1) ~ I am happy to offer my charts & patterns directly to shops on a wholesale basis,  
because I believe that I can get your orders out for you and your customers faster.

2) ~ I believe in friendly customer service and love to interact directly with shops that carry 
my charts & patterns.

3) ~ By working directly with a Shop Owner, I can get a better 'feel' of what their shop is like, and what their customers are looking for....I am always interested in knowing what your shop is up to!

4) ~ Having direct contact with Shops that carry NFF charts & patterns means I can send out emails to those shops, announcing new/upcoming designs, releases & events....better keeping you up to date!

5) ~ ~ and, by working directly with a Shop Owner, 
there are no 'middle-man' fees.

We humbly Thank You for your continued support and friendship 
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori

Sunday, October 15, 2017

~ Counting ~

 Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
a very happy Sunday to you all...

the weather here is perfect today ~ perfect for a day of quiet stitching~
cooler temps, overcast skies and blustery winds make for a comfy day to be filled with tiny little X's.
although I love to stitch in any kind of weather, Autumn days like this are my very favorite.

I posted a few photos on FB and Instagram lately, 
that show me using counting pins while I stitch...
this is by no-means anything new, in fact stitchers have been doing it for centuries ~
but I don't always show how I do things, taking for granted that some of you would either already know or not be so interested.
for those who have inquired about using counting pins,
here goes:

Now, you can purchase them or even make your own counting pins 
by simply gluing beads onto the head-end of your pins ~
... like these that were sweetly gifted to me 
~ and that I keep in my sewing box:

... aren't they beautiful? 
like tiny precious gems :)

you can use plain pins too ~ 
or in this case some antique 'toilet' pins.
no, they weren't necessarily used in the bathroom, 
~ but a lady's dressing room wasn't complete without them...
she would use them to fasten a blouse or hem, and use them in her sewing as well....

I love how mine look on my stitching in progress, 
~ and imagining how these were used by nimble hands before me.
how do you use them when doing counted cross stitch?
I use them to hold my count when I'm stitching a border, 
as I place a pin every 10-20 stitches or so... then remove them when no longer needed.

I also use them as a reminder where color changes need to be made with my thread,
as in the acorn at the bottom in the photo below:

and since I usually have two {or more} projects going at one time,
I can leave the pins in to remind me where I left off.
Just make sure your pins are clean and aren't rusty ~ 
and never ever leave them or your work in your hoop for an extended period of time.

I'll tuck one in if I think there is the chance {and there is always that chance}
that I have miscounted and need to track where that might be
{like in the basket worked below...me thinks I split a stitch}

you can see that I'm using a different type of antique toilet pin
while working on this sampler ~  these being white glass and a larger size at that.


So now you know ~
counting pins help keep that stitching 'FROG' away!
{ Oh, ..."frogging" refers to ripping out those miscounted stitches, as-in rippit! rippit!....get it? }

 Iggy likes the fact that by me using counting pins,
I'm less likely to yell, cuss or throw things.
... therefore making stitching much more enjoyable for us both ~

This blog post has been officially Iggy Approved.
Blessings from the Farm
 ~ Lori

Friday, October 13, 2017

~ Friday the 13th ~

Happy Friday the 13th!

with the lack of luck I've had with my foot, then tooth ~
I'm thinking positively today!

Since I haven't been able to unpack from last weekend's show,
and the shop is on it's um....ear,
and Miss Joan is under-the-weather {get better quick girlfriend!}
we will be 
C L O S E D tomorrow, Saturday October 14th

sorry for any inconvenience my friends!

Blessings from the Farm 
~ Lori